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Software Engineer

Doctor Dextrous

  • Superfast fingers code features in a flash
  • Bends powerful technologies to her will
  • Zips through development time at the speed of light
  • …but everyone knows me as Alice, Software Engineer

Swifter duplication

Harnessing Intuit's Fuego front-end technologies, and working on multiple stacks, I'm reimagining pages in TurboTax. We use platform-specific content players to render each page. And we need to write only one version of a page to have it render on Mac and Windows desktops, web browsers, Android and iOS. That soon cuts large workloads down to size.

  • Node.js
  • JavaScript


Software Engineer

Techno Titan

  • Smashes architectural challenges to smithereens
  • Brainpowers his way through next-gen programs
  • Grasps multiple stacks in a single mental leap
  • …but around the office I'm just Kelvin, Software Engineer

Total transformation

As a full-stack engineer, I look after both the user-facing UI and what goes on behind the scenes. I am helping to build out the platform for Quickbooks Financing, incorporating modern programming design practices like Universal JavaScript that can run effortlessly everywhere.

  • Node.js
  • Java


Software Engineer

Captain Coder

  • Laser-sharp eye beams spot all the possibilities
  • Supercharged vision sees how beautiful code can be
  • Enthrals millions with the power of his imagination
  • …but my co-workers just call me Rob, Front End Developer

Mastery of invention

Part engineer, part designer, I've developed a library of front-end widgets for Mint. Designers no longer need to spec every comp, and developers can pull from a trusted, front-end resource library. Now I'm creating unique animations, including loading and processing animations, page transitions and more. I take them from humble sketches to native code, ensuring buttery smooth performance.

  • JavaScript
  • Swift

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