Be yourself


This is what you have been studying and preparing for. You're ready to show off what you know and learn a ton. At Intuit, you will innovate, connect and grow every day. Just what you need to power your career.

We have several programs and opportunities for student interns, co-ops, and university graduates. Choose a path below that’s right for you!

Student Interns

Be brilliant You're smart, clever. Brilliant, even. Flex that brilliance with Intuit’s summer program for student interns and co-op’s. You will meet people, build your professional network and work on exciting projects that have a profound impact on millions of customers.

Student Co-op's

Be ingenious You’re determined to accomplish great things after you graduate, and you’re committed to creating your own success. Our co-op program is designed to give you that jump start you need to get your career soaring. You’ll work on challenging projects, have a huge impact on our customers and be part of a high-performing team. Show off your brilliance and learn a ton!

New Grads

Be ingenious So you’re about to graduate and you think you're smart, huh? Well so do we! And we can't wait to hear your ingenious ideas and see what you can teach us. At Intuit, your learning is just getting started with one of our rotational development programs or university graduate opportunities.