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Determined to find a better way, Scott Cook inspired the mission that still drives us today.

Resolving to eliminate the hassle of paying household bills and balancing the checkbook, Scott Cook invented Quicken and started his own software company. Ever since then, we’ve never stopped challenging ourselves, questioning our thinking or re-imagining our core products for a changing world. It’s constructive dissatisfaction. And it’s enabled us to transform – from DOS to the web, to mobile, to the cloud. At the heart of our work is a powerful, service-based ecosystem. This integrates our products with the benefits of the cloud, the innovation of third-party developers and a unique set of data. It’s a powerful combination that simplifies financial lives all over the world.

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TurboTax helps over 30 million people get the maximum tax refund possible.

The tax refund check is the biggest boost millions of Americans get to their income for the entire year. To truly appreciate their needs, we’ve even shut down our business for a day so that 700 employees could meet the people who depend on tax refunds to pay their rent, tuition or medical bills. When design and technology flow from customer understanding, innovation – like live video advice from a tax expert – is the result. And taxes become simpler for even the most inexperienced taxpayer.

Intuit processes payroll for one in twelve Americans and supports 5 million small business customers globally.

50% of small businesses fail within the first five years. But our QuickBooks ecosystem continuously evolves to lower those odds. We help business owners get paid faster and grow their sales quicker with mobile GoPayment. We increase their access to small business loans with QuickBooks Financing. And thousands of developers, working with our APIs, build hundreds of apps that help our small business entrepreneurs thrive.

Mint users save more than $1 billion toward their personal finance goals every month.

Our Mint team transformed personal finance for millions with a beautiful, lifestyle-inspired UI that delights across mobile devices. Whether our customers prefer Android or iOS, we innovate for the products they aspire to use next – like Apple Watch – so they can stay in touch with their money anytime, anywhere.