Intuit's History of Diversity & Inclusion Efforts

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Be proud

Diversity and inclusion thinking is so engrained into our culture and such a natural part of everything we do, it's hard to remember back when it wasn't a part of our company strategy. Our journey began in 2003, and today we are proud of our culture and our story.

"As a company, Intuit continues to deepen our diversity and inclusion thinking and create new opportunities to empower our people. A talented, engaged workforce where everyone can bring their whole selves to work is key to Intuit's growth." - Caroline Donahue, diversity and inclusion council chair.


Our journey

  • 2003: The annual employee survey indicated that Intuit was a great place to work, but we needed a diversity strategy
  • 2004: Launch of our first employee network, the Intuit Women's Network
  • 2004:Diversity & Inclusion Council established
  • 2004: Diversity & Inclusion strategy approved
  • 2005: Launch of the LatinosConnect and Intuit Pride networks
  • 2006: Launch of the Intuit Indian Network
  • 2007: Launch of the Intuit African-American Network
  • 2007: Launch of the NextGen Network
  • 2007: Intuit's first Diversity Day event
  • 2008: Launch of the Asian Pacific Islander Network
  • 2008: Diversity Week established at the Tucson office
  • 2009: Launch of the Intuit Christian Action Network
  • 2010: Launch of the Intuit Military and Intuit Muslim Awareness networks


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